The Bi-Centenary of the Abolition of Slavery: A TRIBUTE TO Dr. THOMAS MASTERMAN WINTERBOTTOM (1765?-1859), physician to the Sierra Leone Company

Nigel Pocock, Director, Vision Training & Research A forgotten hero In 1859, Thomas Masterman Winterbottom died. He was 94 years old – the oldest doctor in Europe. Shops shut. The local Corporation and thousands of citizens turned out to mourn him. The Newcastle Journal, in its obituary, noted that Winterbottom was ‘as good a man […]

Educating Black Boys – 19th Century, Present and Future [Past]

As part of Southwark Council’s official Black History Month 2017 Programme, The Krios Dot Com  invite you to celebrate through presentations, discussion, literature, exhibition and a fun quiz the unique history of educating Black boys starting from the Clapham Sect’s African Academy for Sierra Leonean boys in 1799 to present and future education model. Date: […]